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Amazon exhibited the model of its Blue Mark 1 vehicle

The number of companies

The number of companies working on space is increasing day by day. Amazon has also set its sights on space. Soon the Blue Moon Mark 1 vehicle will land on the Moon. Blue Origin, owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, introduced a full-scale mock-up of the Blue Moon Mark 1 lander. Here are the details…

Blue Origin shared the model of the Blue Mark 1 vehicle with everyone!

There was a recent meeting attended by Bezos and NASA chief Bill Nelson. The meeting was held at Blue Origin’s engine manufacturing facility in Huntsville, Alabama. Images from the event were shared by both Blue Origin and Nelson on their social media accounts.

“We introduced the almost 3-story Blue Moon Mark1 cargo lander,” Blue Origin shared in its post. said. He added that Mark 1’s first uncrewed missions will not only deliver cargo to the lunar surface, but will also serve to validate the vehicle’s capabilities.

Amazon is in big trouble! Here’s why

Amazon is in big trouble! Here’s why

The FTC has filed an antitrust lawsuit alleging that Amazon is preventing competition through unfair competition and monopolistic power.

“MK1 will be capable of delivering three metric tons to any location on the lunar surface. This capacity makes it ideal for a variety of logistics, infrastructure and science payloads,” Blue Origin said. said.

Blue Origin’s Mark 2 lander will be used to send astronauts to the moon on subsequent flights. The date of the first Mark 1 mission has not yet been announced. However, the company plans to make the first Mark 2 flight, which will carry astronauts to the lunar surface, for 2029 as part of the Artemis V mission.

The lander will travel to the moon inside Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket, which is currently under development. Astronauts will transfer to the lander from the Lunar Gateway facility in Moon orbit, which is also under development.

NASA boss Bill Nelson commented on Blue Origin’s first image of the lander. Bill Nelson called it “impressive.” He added that Blue Origin’s landing system will help ensure astronauts have a steady pace for life on the moon. He also said, “Let’s study before we go to Mars.”