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Battlefield 2042 Update 6.2.0 Patch Notes

Battlefield 2042 is receiving

Battlefield 2042 is receiving a new update, Version 6.2.0, and here are the patch notes of the latest version. EA offers players new map rework alongside Quality of Life improvements that increase the gameplay experience. Check out the Battlefield 2042 6.2.0 update patch notes below.

Battlefield 2042 6.2.0 Update Patch Notes

Battlefield 2042 5.2.1 Update Patch Notes

We’ve summarized the biggest changes for you here:

  • MCS-880, G428, VHX weapon balance changes.
  • Suppressors & Subsonic Ammo balance changes.
  • Air vehicle aiming improvements such as computed impact points, aligned crosshairs for all air vehicle cameras, and HUD aim indicators.

Thank you for continued feedback which helps us to make further changes and improvements for you.

//The Battlefield Team

Protocol Established…

A band of misfits, spurred on by the Penguins been crafting an interesting treat as we approach the end of the year! 

Expect to see new ways to play, new cosmetic rewards and a mischievous mode in the coming weeks.

Stay Informed

Follow us on the @BattlefieldComm Twitter account to stay informed on the rollout of our updates. You can also follow along with our tracking of Known Issues and further game changes we’re making via our Battlefield forums.

Tune in

Check out the Inside Battlefield Podcast if you’d like to listen to the team talking about the new content.


Weapon Balance Pass

With Update 6.2 we are deploying a series of Weapon Balance changes and improvements based on your requests and in line with the overall game intent of these weapons. Take a look at some of the specific changes below and more broader changes within our changelog!

MCS-880 Rebalance

With the recent introduction of a pure Close Quarters map in Redacted, player feedback highlighted that the MCS-880 was performing beyond expectations, and we agreed. This was particularly creating unfair instances of one-hit-kills at longer ranges. Going forward, OHK’s will no longer be possible over 25 meters with the MCS-880 and it will be rarer to do so between 20  to 25 meters. Additionally, the #4 Buckshot (Ammo Type) performed the strongest at almost all ranges with Update 6.0, this will now be reduced to its intended short-range role.


The G428’s role is to be a close-range DMR, as such we are reducing the Standard Issue Ammo 2-hit kill range from 40 meters to 20 meters. We’re also including a new 4-hit kill range over 125 meters. These changes will readjust this weapon into its close range, as intended.

You will also see further changes such as High Power ammo remaining viable at longer ranges, and more broader changes to recoil, accuracy and more to bring this weapon in line with other DMRs.


The VHX-D3 has received mixed feedback with some of you being for or against its damage output. While we will continue to monitor and tweak this weapon, we have decreased its starting accuracy and increased its dispersion build-up in response to players feeling it is packing too much of a punch.

Suppressor Minimap Stealth & Subsonic Ammo

Update 6.2 will also include changes to Suppressors, Subsonic Ammo and their beneficial intent of Minimap Stealth. While also factoring in the combined benefits of these two components being used at the same time. Check out our changelog further down in the Update Notes to discover more.

We’ll continue to react to feedback and to monitor both of these aspects of gunplay, our intention is to promote as much variety in weapons and builds as possible and we’ll continue to work on that goal.

Looking more broadly, we’ll continue to look for opportunities to improve both Shotgun, Suppressor and Subsonic Gunplay, and you can continue to expect more improvements in these areas in the future.

Air Vehicle Impact Improvements

Throughout recent months we have heard players request further improvements when it comes to vehicle aiming and crosshair alignment. With Update 6.2, the Vehicles Team will be rolling out computed impact points that take into consideration several factors such as Vehicle Velocity, Angular Velocity, Gravity and Drag to draw an accurate impact point of up to 300m.

Additionally we’ve also aligned the Vehicle Crosshair on all cameras that are available on Air Vehicles with this point, ensuring that player crosshairs are as accurate as they can be.

This feature will behave as a reliable impact point on vehicles with one weapon such as on Jets, however Air Vehicles that feature two weapons under their wings like the MD540 Nightbird will perform slightly different. We will therefore calculate the distance on both weapons and draw the average of both as the impact point so the actual weapons depending on your distance to target could still hit the sides of this center point but players will now be able to anticipate and read this.

Air Vehicle HUD Improvements

A common request from our air aficionados is for improvements to be made that would allow for an improved state of communication between Gunner and Pilot. The Vehicle Team have been working on bringing a feature from previous titles into Battlefield 2042 where the HUD will now feature aim indicators which will highlight the direction of aim for the Gunner and Pilot.

As a Gunner, this should now help orient yourself in respect to the direction that the Pilot is heading in, and it will also allow for the Pilot to understand what your current priorities are when it comes to engaging with ground targets.


AI, Soldier and General Improvements

Maps and Modes

Gadgets & Specialists



Subsonic Ammo

Suppressor Minimap Stealth


PB Heavy Suppressor

Type 4 Heavy Suppressor

Box Suppressor

Buckshot Ammo



AP Grenade launcher ammo increased from 1-2



Commando Knife


MP412 Rex



12M Auto

XM8 Prototype




Super 500


Ghostmaker R10