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Darktide Patch 13 Update Out Now, Patch Notes

Warhammer 40K: Darktide is

Warhammer 40K: Darktide is a first-person action game set in the Warhammer 40K universe, developed and published by Fatshark. It was released for Microsoft Windows on 30 November 2022. The release for Xbox Series X/S will be revealed by Paul Naylor of the entertainment zone at a later date. The game has received a new update named March 23rd, which focuses on several fixes. As seen, the latest version does not offer major things. Check out the Warhammer 40K: Darktide Patch 13 update patch notes below.

Warhammer 40K: Darktide Patch 13 Update Out Now, Patch Notes

Warhammer 40K: Darktide March 23rd Update Out Now, Patch Notes

New Features & Improvements

Talent Trees
We have replaced the old Feats with new Talent Trees!

Instead of unlocking a new row of feats every 5 levels, you will now be granted one Talent Point for each level you reach, to a maximum of 30 points at level 30. Spending and removing points in the Trees is free, so don’t be afraid of trying out different configurations and creating multiple presets!

Every Class will start with a Baseline Ability, Blitz, and Aura (Most of them are the same ones you are playing with today), and in the Trees you will find options to upgrade them or replace them completely with new ones. For a few Classes this means that we’ve also lowered the strength of the Baseline Abilities, and you’ll instead be able to regain the lost power further down in the Trees.

Most of the Feats that were available to you before can be found scattered around in these Trees, so if you loved the build and playstyle you had before, it should still be available to you even with these changes!


  • Volley Fire: No longer designates Elites and Specials as a baseline. You can upgrade Volley Fire to include this feature further down in the Tree instead.
  • Scavenger/scroungers aura: Changed to keep track of “leftover” percentages and apply it on later procs instead of rounding up on every proc. For example, you are about to replenish 0.5 ammo. Earlier we would round it up to 1 ammo, but now you will instead store it away and replenish the stored ammo once it adds up to 1.


  • Psykinetic’s Wrath: Reduces the Quell amount of the baseline ability. You can increase this further down in the Tree.
  • Brain Burst: Lowered the damage of the baseline ability. You can increase the damage further down in the Tree.
  • Kinetic Presence: As a baseline we’ve replaced this with ‘The Quickening’, reducing Ability Cooldowns for you and allies in coherency. You can still find Kinetic Presence further down in the Tree.



  • General
    • Adjusted most enemy health pools, hit mass values, and stagger thresholds to be a bit higher overall, with higher increase on Monstrosities, with the goal to match the overall increase in power output from players.
    • Added more ways for the Conflict Director to spawn hordes. Hordes can now spawn in different ways to respond to player behaviour, including coordinated strike with Specialists, mixed in Elites with the horde, push from behind while ranged enemies spawn ahead, bigger ambushes with more spread and more.
    • Replaced fast transitioning sprint animations for far ranged enemies with a smoother start animation for easier aiming.
    • Fixed so Dreg Bruisers have right hit sounds based on their blunt weaponry.
    • Fixed an issue where Monstrosities that were meant to be Weakened did not receive the Weakened debuff in Monstrous Specialists condition.
  • Pox Hound
    • Made improvements to the way Pox Hound leaps are calculated for more consistent & reliable behaviour.
  • Mutant
    • Tuned functionality for when players dodges Mutants on high latency.
    • Fixed a case where Mutant could bring players into enemies’ spawn rooms.
  • Poxburster
    • Increased Poxburster explosion vs Infested so Poxburster chain explosions can happen.
    • Fixed a case where Poxburster could ignore stagger if just walked in fire.
    • Fixed issue when using Surge Force Staff secondary on Poxbursters that would make them stagger backwards multiple times during a very short timeframe.
  • Bomber
    • Reduced radius of stun when grenades detonate by around 50%, reduced stun duration.
  • Beast of Nurgle
    • Increased corruption gained when eaten by Beast of Nurgle.
  • Chaos Spawn
    • Made Chaos Spawn grab a bit easier to dodge.
    • Tweaked Chaos Spawn attack durations to give players a bit extra room to get in melee hits between attacks.
    • Slightly reduced Chaos Spawn combo damage.
    • Reduced knockback radius for leap land, reduced force on players, Ogryns only get pushed.
    • Made improvements to the way Chaos Spawn leaps are calculated for more consistent & reliable behaviour.
  • Plague Ogryn
    • Switch Plague Ogryn broken stomp particles to better match the stomp, increase stomp radius.
    • Fixed case where Plague Ogryn charge push had wrong direction when hitting players.
  • Corruptor
    • Reduced tentacle regrowth speed from 2 to 1.5 on Damnation.

BalanceAlmost all of the weapon and blessing changes were made with the help of closed community testing where we got the opportunity to hang out with members of the community while giving them early builds to try and feedback on. These tests also gave us a lot of early feedback regarding the talents and new abilities which helped us iron out rough bits of the balance. We want to extend a huge thanks to these people, as they have been very important to help us iterate on the balance.

Some balance changes made in these tests are still being worked on and will be released in future patches.

WeaponsBelow you will find a list of changes to weapons in this patch. The first list is a quick explanation of the changes, and further on in the patch notes you will find the raw number changes for each weapon if you want the finer details.

All weapons:

  • All weapons now have weak spots as sweep hitzone priority.

Krourk Mk IV Cleaver

  • Changed moveset to include faster stab chain followed by sweeping light, switched up heavy chain to feel smoother to use.
  • Changed stab profiles for all cleavers to be better at handling Flak/Carapace/Maniac armour type.

Krourk Mk VI Cleaver [list]Increased attack speed of heavies.
[*] Increased damage of lights.

Bull Butcher Mk III Cleaver

  • Increased damage of heavies.

Bully Clubs

  • Reduce chain timings between Slap weapon special actions.

Cadia Mk IV Assault Chainsword

  • Increased armour damage modifiers on lights/heavies.
  • Increased cleave on heavies.
  • Massively increased damage of heavy/light weapon special sawing last hit.

Combat Swords/Heavy Swords/Duelling Swords

  • Sword damage armour modifier buffed, mostly against Unarmoured.
  • Increased finesse.

Devil Claw Combat Swords

  • Massively increased damage and finesse multiplier from Parry special attack, focus on headshotting. Changed so perfectly parrying(blocking within < 0.3s) has massive block cost reduction.
  • Increased cleave on heavy, higher cleave damage.

Heavy Swords

Duelling Swords

  • Finesse and 1st target damage increased.
  • Changed so stab weapon special deals very high impact when hitting weak spots.

Tigrus Mk II Heavy Eviscerator

  • Bump lights, heavies, more damage vs Carapace.
  • Increase cleave on heavy and activated heavy, remove cleave damage cap.
  • Massively increased damage of heavy/light weapon special sawing last hit.

Orestes Mk IV Assault Chainaxe

  • Bump lights, heavies, more damage vs Carapace.
  • Reduced movement penalty with lights.
  • Made heavy swings slightly faster.

Headhunter Autoguns

  • Increased finesse modifier.

Brute-Brainer Mk III Latrine Shovel

  • Removed no damage beyond 3 targets on light/heavy.
  • Increased heavy power and damage vs Maniacs.
  • Changed so weak spots have sweep hit priority.

Standard-issue Munitorum Sapper Shovel

  • Increased heavy power.
  • Removed no damage beyond 3 targets on heavy.

Combat Axes

  • Slightly increase light/heavy power, more cleave on push followup.
  • Changed Achlys Combat Axe to chain into upper left overhead from uppercuts special attack.

Ironhelm Mk IV Thunder Hammer

  • Increase cleave on heavy and activated heavy, increased power, slightly reduced self-stun when hitting enemies with weapon special, increase weapon special against Flak/Unarmoured/Infested.

Crucis Mk II Thunder Hammer

  • Increased cleave damage.
  • Removed cleave damage cap.


  • Tweak Wield action Quell timings to reduce chain timing delays as a consequence of Psykers switching weapons a lot.


  • Tweak Wield action Quell timings to reduce chain timing delays as a consequence of Psykers switching weapons a lot.
  • Tuned all staff primary action(fire projectile) chain times to be more responsive and able to be used between secondary actions.

Equinox Mk IV Voidstrike Force Staff

  • Increased power by around 70% on direct hit.
  • Increased cleave.
  • Normalised armour modifier values for direct hit, meaning it deals the same damage regardless of armour type, with the exception of Carapace armour with a slight reduction.
  • Increased finesse multiplier.
  • Increased explosion attack and impact.
  • Radius of charged secondary projectile from 0.5 to 0.3.
  • Changed minimum charge level of secondary projectile from 0.35 to 0.1.

Nomanus Mk VI Surge Force Staff

  • Has changed behaviour to differentiate from Smite Blitz:
  • Change to be 1 target with 1 jump.
  • Improved target assist for ranged attacks (with range of 25 instead of 100).
  • Increase charge rate by a lot, increase 1st target damage, Surge is more of a fast response single target high damage/control weapon now, but is weak vs multiple enemies unless you’re good with prioritising stuns.
  • Tweaked logic for how chain lightning jumps to new targets.
  • Changed visual effects when using Surge Force Staff with no targets.
  • Fixed issue when using Surge Force Staff secondary on Poxbursters that would make them stagger backwards multiple times during a very short timeframe.

Equinox Mk III Trauma Force Staff

  • Increased close explosion power by around 50%.
  • Lower damage modifier vs Flak/Carapace armour.

Blastoom Mk III Grenadier Gauntlet

  • Increased direct hit damage, especially vs Flak/Carapace.
  • Fixed an issue where Grenadier Gauntlets didn’t get fire rate or reload speed increases from buffs.

Ripper Guns

Lorenz Mk VI Rumbler

  • Increased explosion damage.
  • Increased armour damage modifier vs Unyielding.

Heavy Stubbers

  • Reduced ammo capacity and reserve.
  • Achlys: increased wield time from braced.


  • Reduced 1st target damage with heavy strike.

Misc Weapon/Balance changes

  • Base Bleed damage buffed from 40 to 200.
  • Tweaked how quickly weapon actions can be started after sprint-jumping.
  • Fixed a hit detection issue on Stubrevolvers and Plasma guns.
  • Fixed a hit detection issue that could cause melee swings to not register when being very close to enemies with big hitboxes.
  • Fixed an issue where Combat Shotguns and Ripper Guns could fail to trigger “on kill” effects from Blessings.
  • Fixed an issue where only Psykers were able to make a Weapon Special attack while reloading a laspistol.
  • Fixed an issue where Ripper Guns and Twin-Linked Heavy Stubbers didn’t get fire rate increases from buffs.
  • Slightly increased shotgun weapons special buffer time to more reliably load a shell after shooting.

BlessingsBelow you will find a list of changes to blessings in this patch. We have made some functional changes to some of them, and a pass on number values and/or tier scaling. Further down you will find a detailed list of all number/tier changes. The goal has been to bring underused blessings up, and reduce the effectiveness of certain blessings that have been overperforming, but still keep them at the same level as similar blessings.

Changes & Bug Fixes:

Chained hits

  • All melee blessings that rely on ‘chained hits’ have been tuned to be more easily used. You’ll no longer drop the buff when being staggered/suppressed/etc, only if you drop the combo (stop attacking) or if you miss an attack.

Adhesive Charge

  • Now sticks to Ogryn as well as Monstrosities.


  • Fixed issue where “Deathspitter” would only add 1 stack if shot killed multiple enemies, now it adds 1 stack per enemy killed.


  • Now gives a Finesse bonus (+18-24%) instead of a Rending bonus.

Fan the Flames

  • Now also grants an Impact bonus (+30-45%) on hip-fire.

Fire Frenzy

  • Fixed issue where blessing “Fire Frenzy” would only add 1 stack if shot killed multiple enemies, now it adds 1 stack per enemy killed.


  • Added a Damage vs Suppressed bonus (+14-20%).

Punishing Salvo

  • Now applies to 3rd and 4th shot in salvo, instead of 2nd and 3rd.


  • Now grants Power bonus (+24-36) instead of just regular damage.

Run ‘n’ Gun

  • Now grants some Close Ranged Damage (+10%) and better Spread (-30%) on top of being able to sprint while firing. – Should allow you to play a bit more aggressively.


  • Now grants up to 5 stacks of +6-12% Critical Chance for your next shot, depending on how many Enemies you hit with your previous shot.


  • Now applies to Special Enemies as well – (they explode).


  • Changed ‘Reload speed bonus after sliding’ to ‘Reload speed after close melee kill’.

Stripped Down

  • Now grants Ranged Attack Immunity while Sprinting with over 80-50% Stamina.


  • Now gives Power bonus for a duration (3.5 seconds) instead of ‘for the next 3 attacks’.

Brutal Momentum

  • Reworked from ‘ignoring Hit Mass for a duration’, to only ‘ignoring Hit Mass for Weakspot Kills’. Tiers now grant Weakspot Damage Bonuses instead of Buff Durations.


  • Removed negative Power bonus and ‘first attack’ requirement. Now gives Power bonus once, resetting after a cooldown instead.


  • Fixed issue where projectiles and grenades could sometimes fall through the ground.
  • Fixed issue where stinger would not play when a projectile killed an Elite or Specialist enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where explosive barrels would apply buffs from the player that attacked the barrel. This could cause issues like being instantly killed by barrels by having enough damage and rending buffs.

Blessing Balance Changes

Raking Fire

  • Damage Bonus From 15-30% to 32.5-40%.


  • Damage Bonus From 1-2.5% to 4.5-6%.

Hit & Run

  • Duration From 0.4-0.7s to 0.7-1s.

Sustained Fire

  • Damage Bonus From 6-15% to 14-20%.

Punishing Salvo

  • Damage Bonus From 6-15% to 14-20%.

Fire Frenzy

  • Power Bonus From 4-8% to 8.5-9.5%.


  • Duration From 1.75s to 3.5s.

Ceaseless Barrage

  • Suppression Bonus From 2% to 20%.


  • Duration From 0.4-1s to 0.6-1.2s.


  • Crit Chance Bonus From 2-5% to 10%.
  • Stack Interval From 0.25s to 0.35-0.2s.

Crucian Roulette

  • Crit Chance Bonus From 0.35-0.5% to 0.45-0.6%.

Deadly Accurate

  • Critical Weakspot Damage Bonus From 27.5-50% to 70-100%.


  • Stagger Bonus From 30-60% to 60-90%.

Opening Salvo

  • Power Bonus From 7.5-15% to 14-20%.

Between the Eyes

  • Duration From 0.6-0.9s to 2.4-3.6s.


  • Damage vs Suppressed Bonus From 14-20%.
  • Suppression Bonus From 5-20% to 28-40%.
  • Recoil Reduction Bonus From 5-20% to 28-40%.


  • Crit Chance Bonus From 2-4% to 3.5-4.5%.

Pinning Fire

  • Power BonusFrom 5-20% to 4.25-5%.


  • Toughness Replenished From 4-10% to 10-16%.


  • Bleed Stacks From 8-14 to 10-16.


  • Power Bonus From 2-4% to 3.5-4.5%.


  • Power Bonus From 7.5-15% to 5-8%.
  • Duration From 3.5s to 4.5s.

Rev it Up

  • Movement Speed Bonus From 7.5-15% to 17-20%.
  • Duration From 3s to 2s.


  • Cleave Bonus From 5-20% to 25-40%.


  • Critical Chance Bonus From 2-5% to 2.5-4%.

Savage Sweep

  • Cleave Bonus From 100-175% to 140-180%.


  • Power Bonus From 12.5-20% to 24-36%.


  • Toughness Replenished From 7.5-12.5% to 12-14%.


  • Power Bonus From 4-10% to 2-5%.
  • Stacks From 5 to 10.


  • Power Bonus From 10-25% to 60%.
  • Cooldown From 5-3.5s.

All or Nothing

  • Power Bonus From 7.5-20% to 25-40%.


  • Finesse Bonus From 18-24%.


  • Impact Bonus From 7.5-15% to 14-20%.


  • Impact Bonus From 10-20% to 19-23%.

Uncanny Strike

  • Rending Bonus From 5-20% to 12-24%.
  • Duration From 2.5s to 3.5s.

Flesh Tearer

  • Bleed Stacks From 1-4 to 5-8.


  • Power Bonus From 2-5% to 4.5-6%.


  • Critical Chance Bonus From 5-12.5% to 12.5-20%.
  • Duration From 2s to 6s.


  • Finesse Bonus From 4-10% to 45-60%.


  • Critical Chance Bonus From 4-10% to 12.5-20%.

Mercy Killer

  • Damage Bonus From 20-50% to 52.5-60%.

Ruthless Backstab

  • Rending Bonus From 20-50% to 35-50%.

Uncanny Strike

  • Rending Bonus From 5-20% to 12-24%.
  • Duration From 2.5s to 3.5s.

Vicious Slice

  • Damage Bonus From 4-10% to 14-20%.


  • Proc Chance From 5-20% to 14-20%.


  • Reload Speed Bonus From 18-24% to 24-36%.

Blaze Away

  • Power Bonus From 8% to 10%.

Warp Flurry

  • Charge Time: -4 to -10% -> -5.5 to -8.5%
  • Stacks From 5 to 3.

Warp Nexus

  • Critical Chance Minimum Bonus From 2-5% to 3.5-5%.
  • Critical Chance Maximum Bonus From 8-20% to 14-20%.

Transfer Peril

  • Peril Quelled From 2-5% to 7-10%.


  • Block Cost Reduction From 3-12% to 22.5-30%.


  • Power Bonus From 5% to 10%.
  • Duration From 5s to 7s.
  • Stacks From 5 to 3.

Unstable Power

  • Power Bonus From 2-5% to 14-20%.


  • Burn Stacks From 2-3 to 4.
  • Maximum Stacks From 6-9 to 10-12.
  • Recon Lasgun – Burn Stacks From 1-2 to 2.
  • Recon Lasgun – Maximum Stacks From 6-9 to 8-10.
  • Laspistol – Maximum Stacks From 6-9 to 8-10.

No Respite

  • Damage Bonus From 12.5-20% to 14-20%.


  • Charge Time: -4 to -10% -> -6 to -12%.

Reassuringly Accurate

  • Toughness Replenished From 4-10% to 10-16%.


  • Power Bonus From 7.5-15% to 19-25%.

Overwhelming Fire

  • Power Bonus From 1-2.5% to 7-10%.

Gets Hot!

  • Critical Chance Bonus From 5-20% to 27.5-50%.


  • Charging Speed Bonus From 1-3% to 2.5-3.5%.

Can Opener

Born in Blood

  • Toughness Replenished From 1.5-3% to 4.5-6%.


  • Toughness Replenished From 2-5% to 6-12%.

Full Bore

  • Power Bonus From 7.5-15% to 14-20%.

Point Blank

  • Critical Chance Bonus From 5-20% to 14-20%.


  • Power Bonus From 2.5-6.25% to 4.5-6%.
  • Stacks From 4 to 5.


  • Rending Bonus From 20-50% to 50-80%.


  • Power Bonus From 25-40% to 30-42%.

Shock & Awe

  • Hit Mass Modifier: -25 to -40% -> -30 to -60%.
  • Duration From 0.5s to 2s.

Updates and Tweaks


  • Enemies now have lower hit mass(value calculated to determine if a sweep stops or not) if staggered, the reduction increases with stagger strength.
  • Combat and Blitz abilities can now be used while sliding.
  • Lowered the time where inputs were locked after sprint-jumping. This should make it possible to more quickly aim or shoot a secondary weapon after jumping off a ledge.
  • Tagging will now prefer enemies over pickups if there’s both a valid enemy and pickup near the crosshair.



  • Rending has changed a bit. Before, rend was complicated and worked differently for different weapons. It scaled how much damage was blocked by different armour types but with maths making an Ogryns head hurt. Now it’s simpler. It works on anything that’s not just naked or rotting. It works on the Mutants. It works on the Monsters. It works on any armour. Any Rend you have is just added. Until you do full damage. After that it still helps you do more damage, just not as much. If you have a shovel that does 20% damage on the big Carapace guys. With 4% rend, you will now do 24% damage, cause 20 plus 4 is 24. On stuff that already does full damage, it will add 1% damage instead. It always adds 1% more for every 4% Rend you have. Still maths that makes an Ogryns head hurt. Just not as much. And it helps kill things on all weapons.
  • Clamp to 16 stacks of 2.5% each, max capping to old 40% on each instance of buff (player/target) for a sum “normal” cap of 80%.
  • Add armour setting for armour type rend mod, setting Flak to 100% and Carapace to 50% – limiting the carapace removal down a bit.
  • Finesse damage is now applied after Rending.
  • Backstab/Flanking:
  • Backstab/Flanking damage is now multiplicative.
  • Pass on toughness and damage reduction:
  • Ensure we’re using buff modified toughness damage amount for melee calculations. Was using base damage before, so toughness damage reduction buffs had no effect on melee hits.
  • Remove mandatory bleedthrough from Maulers/Crushers default attacks, moved that to their Cleave (overhead) attacks to work in combination with damage spillover to make smoother and guaranteed damage output.
  • Calculate bleedthrough and spillover separately and correctly for damage amounts covered by current toughness. Previously we overrode any bleedthrough if there was spillover, causing damage amounts just over the current toughness to do less damage than damage amounts just below current toughness.


  • Fixed an issue where the “No One Left Behind” Penance was unlocked upon rescuing a third player instead of at mission completion.
  • Swapped the highlights on completed and incomplete penances: Now the penances that have already been completed will be greyed out while the incomplete ones will remain highlighted.*


  • Fix for the world not loading before stepping off the elevator at Relay Station TRS-150
  • Improved spacing of respawn beacons in Relay Station TRS-150
  • Fixed sudden Daemonhost spawn in Relay Station TRS150 as well as respawn beacons being more consistent with progress in the end event.
  • Fixed unreachable pickups and chests in: The Hourglass, Hab Dreyko, Silo Cluster 18-66/a & Vigil Station Oblivium
  • Removed a health station in Enclavum Baross due to it being too close to the previous one
  • Fixed an issue in the endevent of Enclavum Baross where players could not mark enemies on the opposite side of the landing pad
  • Fixed an issue in Comms-Plex 154/2f where the objective marker stayed after sending the message in the endevent
  • Fixed a spot in the mid-event of Consignment Yard HL17-36 where players could exit the intended gameplay space.
  • Performance improvements in Consignment Yard HL17-36
  • Fixed players being able to disrupt Specialist enemies spawning at the end of Ascension Riser 31.
  • Fixed an issue where some objects could become invisible when joining an ongoing mission in Ascension Riser 31
  • Performance improvements in Ascension Riser 31
  • Fixed a tome location in the mid-event of Power Matrix HL-17-36.
  • Moved player respawn position in Power Matrix HL-17-36 to prevent players respawning further away than intended
  • Fixed a spot at the end of Chasm Logistratum where players could get stuck in a cogitator.
  • Fixed pickup locations in Vigil Station Oblivium
  • Fixed world rendering issues in Vigil Station Oblivium
  • Fixed a misbehaving Daemonhost spawn location in Hab Dreyko
  • Fixed several navigation issues in missions set in the Chasm Terminus and The Torrent areas
  • Fixed issue that caused parts of the level not the render while on elevators
  • Several sound & optimization fixes across all missions
  • Fixed issues where some Respawn Beacons connected to wrong parts of the mission, causing long respawns.
  • Fixed issue with Hab Dreyko which caused Specialist enemies to stop spawning towards the end of the mission.


  • Hub Location Introductions: Six new cinematic sequences that unlock as part of the Path of Trust. These provide information about Inquisitor Grendyl’s Warband and the locations you will encounter within the Mourningstar hub.
    Hub Location Intros included in this patch:
    • Psykhanium
    • Mission Terminal
    • Armoury
    • Barber Chirurgeon
    • Sire Melk’s Requisitorium
    • Shrine of the Omnissiah
  • Bonding Conversations: 450+ new player conversations added to provide depth and character while you fight your way through the streets of Tertium.
  • Commissary Vendor Update: Meet Mara Vinci. This reject has managed to get herself a cushy job running the Commissary. A trusted position.
  • Hub Announcements: 40+ new Hub Announcements for Mission Board changes and NPC Character development.
  • Various text updates for clarity and localisation issues.
  • A new elevator has been built in the Mourningstar, allowing players to spawn closer to the mission board when returning from a mission.
  • Fixed an occurrence that would cause “jerky movement” of your player character in the hub.


  • Interaction UI (other than players) now tell you when you can’t interact with them while they are already being interacted by somebody else
  • Fixed issue where certain walls using parallax shader would flicker