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How to scan WeChat QR codes?

Questions continue to come

Questions continue to come about WeChat, the popular communication application of recent times. In particular, questions about the use and features of the WeChat application are among the most frequently asked questions. Here is our guide on how to scan WeChat QR codes and its details that we have prepared for you…

How to scan WeChat QR codes guide! Here are the details

Using WeChat QR codes, you can perform many actions such as adding contacts, making payments, and accessing special content or offers. Thanks to WeChat QR codes, which are very easy to use, you can easily perform the mentioned transactions without wasting time and continue using your connections with WeChat without being interrupted.

How to scan WeChat QR codes

1- To scan QR codes in the WeChat application, first tap the “+” icon.

2- Select “Scan QR Code” from the subsequent menu.

3- After turning on your camera, hold the QR code towards the camera.

If you complete the steps of our three-step guide correctly, you can easily scan the WeChat QR code you want and carry out your transactions.

How to generate WeChat QR code?

To create a WeChat QR code, first open the account you want the QR code to direct to. Then click on the “+” icon. Copy the URL address of the account from the menu that appears and generate the code using any QR code generator application.